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genre: 3D Visualization

Deutsche Telekom Simulation 3D Assets

Vithereal was tasked by Sharelook to contribute some of the 3d assets to be used in a WebGL and VR simulation on behalf of Deutsche Telekom.
The 3D assets are low in detail in order to function in a Web GL online environment where file size matters.

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Egg the Robot

Given a paintng by a five-year-old, the challenge was to recreate the depicted robot for 3D printing.
A version game engine-ready version was also created.

The Screening Room

This virtual set was created for Binary Thinktank for an interactive training application but has potential for use in other areas including a VR setup (planned)

The current version is set up as a First-Person real-time walkthrough but navigation can be setup for a point and click or for Virtual Reality. Both of these are planned.

The current iteration is acceptable but more details and tweaks are inevitable.

Video of Real-time Walkthrough

Heartlands Changi MRT Store

Prior to the construction of a new Heartlands store at Changi MRT, Ideagent request some rough concept visuals of the interior and exterior.

Battlefront Campaign

Exhibition Design for Singapore Discovery Centre’s Battlefront Campaign.
Conceived and executed over a period of 8 days.

Evokube Showroom

1st person real-time walk-through of the imaginary showroom showcasing Evokube-Furniture concept done for PABensen and
A VR version is in the pipeline.

Lloyd’s Register – VR Demo

Lloyd’s Register requested a scene which could be used to demonstrate the experience and possibilities of Virtual Reality to their clients.

Vithereal modeled the imaginary conference room scene and implemented it using Unity Game Engine over two days . The project is run on a HTC Vive headset at Lloyd’s Register Singapore office.

Art Installation Concept

Annelaure Herrezuelo & Associates Pte. Ltd. needeed some 3D concept visuals for an Art Installation proposal.

The Time Vault

This was a collaborative Fashion Shoot.
Vithereal created a fictional Steampunk Vault. What’s behind the Vault Door?

Fashion shoot 2017
Team Instagram Accounts:
@vithereal_design – 3D Visualization
@lidianatasha.94 – model
@iamrobbieoca – Photography
@raja_vijayalaya – Photograhy
@jacliendora – Hair and Makeup