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genre: 3D Visualization

The Suitcase

The Suitcase was a little personal challenge I did to explore form, rendering and lighting in Blender.

I’ve been working a number of different 3D projects which include the need for props and fillers. While it’s very easy and often necessary to purchase pre-made 3D assets, I prefer to do my own when given the chance.

Deutsche Telekom Simulation 3D Assets

Vithereal was tasked by Sharelook to contribute some of the 3d assets to be used in a WebGL and VR simulation on behalf of Deutsche Telekom.
The 3D assets are low in detail in order to function in a Web GL online environment where file size matters.

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Egg the Robot

Given a paintng by a five-year-old, the challenge was to recreate the depicted robot for 3D printing.
A version game engine-ready version was also created.

Evokube Showroom

1st person real-time walk-through of the imaginary showroom showcasing Evokube-Furniture concept done for PABensen and
A VR version is in the pipeline.

Art Installation Concept

Annelaure Herrezuelo & Associates Pte. Ltd. needeed some 3D concept visuals for an Art Installation proposal.

The Time Vault

This was a collaborative Fashion Shoot.
Vithereal created a fictional Steampunk Vault. What’s behind the Vault Door?

Fashion shoot 2017
Team Instagram Accounts:
@vithereal_design – 3D Visualization
@lidianatasha.94 – model
@iamrobbieoca – Photography
@raja_vijayalaya – Photograhy
@jacliendora – Hair and Makeup

B├║ho Beer Bottle

Vithereal designed a new half-pint beer bottle for Brahma The Innovation Company in India.

Technical specifications and 3D renderings were created in order for the bottle to be fabricated.

Labels and graphic design by Barn India

Chiroworks Pillow

Dr Gary Tho from Chiroworks wanted to produce a pillow and had a basic concept and measurements based on initial studies.

Vithereal helped to give the pillow form through the use of technical drawings and 3D renders.

BNI Referral Slip Holder

BNI (Business Networking International) is a networking group where business owners and professionals meet weekly to pass referrals to each other.

This process is done through the use of slips of paper. This case was designed on a whim to provide a┬ámore elegant repository for these papers to reside in and includes a custom engraving of the particular chapter “Gateway” of which Vithereal’s founder is a member.